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5 Steps To Achieving That Goal You Want in Life

Most of us have some sort of goal in life that we want to achieve one day, don’t we?

I’m sure you have something that you really want to do. Buy your dream home, travel overseas, run in a marathon, have a healthy child, improve your health, or even regain that figure you once had?

The list could be endless I’m sure. Different people wish for different things. But what if it did not just have to be a ‘vague wish for someday’.

What if you could change it into a powerful goal that really is achievable? That would be amazing, right?

Well, let me show you how you may be able to turn that goal into reality.

A great way of making your goal more powerful is to use the SMART Goal Formula. While there are plenty of variants (some of which I have included in brackets), SMART usually stands for:

1. S - make it Specific (or Significant).

2. M – make it Measureable (or Meaningful).

3. A – make it Attainable (or Action-Oriented).

4. R – make it Relevant (or Rewarding).

5. T – make it Time-bound (or Trackable).

For example, having a goal "to go to Italy one day" is too vague and wishy-washy and doesn’t make you accountable to achieve it. It tends to say to your mind – “yeah maybe it’ll happen one day – and maybe not too.”

It's far more powerful to use this SMART goal formula and that conveys something like this:

“By 31 December 2019 I will have completed my trip to Italy which will include going to Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Amalfi Coast and Florence.”

Obviously, this will only be attainable if a lot of preparation has been completed beforehand! Goals do not magically happen – as with anything it does require some planning and commitment from you as the ‘goal-setter’.

Visualise Yourself Having Your Goal as Reality!

Whether you prefer to do so just before going to bed, or like to visualise right before getting up in order to set the tone for the day, just make sure you allocate some quiet, focused time to this process every day. Really build up the sights, sounds, smells and sensations associated with your future goal, and fully immerse yourself in this mental picture.

When you do this you can change the wording to present tense, as if you have it now!

“It is now 31 December 2019 and I have just returned from my trip to Italy, where I visited Rome, Vatican City, Venice, Amalfi Coast and Florence. I look back on it as an amazing time that taught me so much.”

Give it a go – start with a small, short-term goal . I’m sure you will be surprised by what you can do!

Did you know that it can be even more powerful to insert a goal into your future with a hypnosis session?

I have helped clients to do this many times. Contact me on 0403 158 229 to find out how I can help you with that goal that you really desire!

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