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Feeling Stressed with Christmas Coming Up? Relax.......we have a Gift for You!

You may ask how a joyful season can be so stressful, well for many people it can. We start to label ourselves as being ‘highly strung’ or stressed out with the holiday season. We accept that stress, anxiety and overwhelm is part of the deal of Christmas holidays. Like anything, the way we feel about something is all about the way we perceive it. Having negative thoughts and feelings about Christmas and the holiday season affects our interactions and relationships. Looming credit card debt, the pressure of entertaining and having to face often challenging ‘family dynamics’ are all contributing factors. Add to this crowded shopping centres with parking issues and the growing pressure to please everyone and it’s easy to see why most of us often dread this time of year.

Hypnotherapy is a welcome antidote to the mental pressures of the season. Anxiety and worry are processes we choose to run. Sometimes it feels as if the choice to run anxiety or even be anxious is out of our control. This is true to some extent as worry and anxious thinking are habits. After a while, our habits become second nature and continue operating below the level of our everyday awareness. Being stressed at Christmas seems to be the normal way of things. But it doesn’t have to be!

Come and see us for a hypnotherapy session that will help you to glide through the season – and your life! Call us on 0403 158 229 to find out more about the Special Christmas Offers we have running with great discounts!

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