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How Can A Pleasant Experience Resolve An Issue For You?

Would you like to go back to a particular holiday or event where you had a safe and totally enjoyable experience? Would you like to be with those people who make you feel happy and loved? Wouldn’t it be great if at the same time you could resolve some issues that had been holding you back in life? If the answer is YES then read on as this is an experience you will love!!

Now you can experience the most amazing holidays or times of your life. But not only that, you will also have the ability to feel all those great feelings that come with leaving all your cares and worries behind which means that you will see life with a whole new perspective.

You may be asking how this can be done? Well this is a fantastic technique as a part of Conversational Hypnosis that I have learned and would love to share with you.

If you can picture a scene in your minds’ eye then you can do it – and everyone knows that most people can easily do that! Just think of all those times you have wished you were back somewhere that was pleasant. Maybe it was on that moonlit beach in Fiji or back at that serene lake that you used to visit as a small child. Do it now – think of a time that you fondly recall that was happy and safe. Have you got one? Good - now close your eyes and bring up a picture of yourself back there right now. What can you see? What can you hear? Are there any sounds that stand out to you? You may even be able to smell some things that take you back, maybe the salty sea air or something similar?

When you are guided through this process by a skilled hypnotherapist you will be amazed how vividly you recall things. Things that you thought you had long ago forgotten…..but did you? No, they are all stored there in your unconscious mind and able to be accessed at any time. The exciting thing is that when you are guided through this process your unconscious mind will bring up all sorts of things the help you in a therapeutic manner. You may even see some things that seem totally out of place – but they are there for a reason and there may even be symbols that your unconscious mind is placing there to help you overcome any number of issues. That would be great right? Imagine being able to go back to a pleasant experience in your mind only to have it resolve an issue for you!

Sound intriguing? Contact me to find out more and to book a session.

There are great discounts going at the moment with my Christmas Offer!!

Phone 0403 158 229 or send a message through my website

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