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Have you ever tried hypnosis? Are you just a little bit curious about it?

Everyone wants to improve their quality of life, right? Hypnosis could be the tool to assist you.

Do you have a self image problem?

Is there something you want to give up?

Would you like to deal with stress and anxiety in a more effective way?

Are you experiencing illogical fears or phobias that you would like to conquer?

If YES is the answer to any of these questions, then Hypnotherapy may be the answer! For some people the idea of hypnosis conjures up visions of mysterious men in long black capes who dangle gold watches in front of the eyes of mesmerized subjects. You may have seen entertainers on TV shows getting people to do crazy things! Did you know it's not like that at all?

The modern hypnotherapist is likely to hold a degree in medicine, dentistry, psychology or has had extensive training in hypnosis in order to become a certified hypnotherapist, so it definitely is not a gimmick!!

In the wake of medicine's growing recognition of the role of psychological factors in illness; hypnosis has become a recognised therapeutic tool in the treatment of smoking, weight control, phobias, physical pain and mental disorders.

Contact me today to find out more about hypnosis and how it can help you. What a great time to do it - while sessions are half price!!

Call me on 0403 158 229 or leave a message here on my website on the Contact Us page.

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