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Well I am now a non smoker after hypnosis with Deidre Evans at New DAE Life Consultancy, as a health professional I really needed to give up my pack a day habit. So as I'm here visiting the family in Brissie from the US, I decided I needed to give up for good. Met with Deidre for only 20 minutes AND OMG I can't even look at the pack of smokes in my car now- feel sick at the thought of smoking one. This is amazing stuff as we really only talked and unbeknown to me I was in hypnosis! I can highly recommend her methods whatever they are LOL.


Josh Parker, Sacramento CA,  USA


In April this year I had Deidre come to my house to help me with my addiction to chocolate and potato chips, I ate both of these everyday ... After one session of hypnotherapy, I have not had either since with no cravings at all, even when I have been given chocolate for a present I have passed them on as I have no desire to eat them .. I would highly recommend Deidre if you are looking to make any lifestyle changes.


Michelle B - Cleveland Qld


Thank you for installing an anchor for me Deidre, it did me absolute wonders! It helped me calm down before the interview as I quite often suffer from anxiety. When installing the anchor, I felt a huge sense of excitement and warmth in my chest and it left me feeling very positive. It definitely worked... I got my dream job!!!


Mel S - Brisbane QLD



Deidre is wonderful! I had success with my  first session. I highly recommend anyone trying hypnosis to try New DAE Life Consultancy.


Kellie B - Brisbane QLD

I now have no feeling as if I am going to have anxiety attacks on crowded trains, you should be able to bottle what you do and sell it for thousands of dollars! Its so worth it!  Recommending you to everyone I meet now youve changed my life in a big way!

Sean C - Ascot Qld



I cannot even look at a packet of smokes now thanks to Deidre - and all in one session which was heaps quicker than hypnosis I've had in the past!


Adrian C - Brisbane QLD



It has been less than a month since I was hypnotised to help with my weight and I have noticed a difference in what I am eating and have had some weight loss. Being hypnotised I found to be comfortable and relaxing experience.

MB - Brisbane QLD



I was having bad panic attacks when going places with a lot of people and crowds since seeing Deidre I have been able to go out easily to busy places and it feels amazing! If you are having depression or anxiety problems go see her for sure.


Annie J - Nundah QLD



Wow I have had hypnosis done before but never as good as this. I went to give up smoking and also found it helped with my anxiety attacks when I go out too!  Talk about killing two birds with one stone - it was great and I highly recommend Deidre - you should see her before seeing anyone else.


Carol B - Chermside QLD



Everything is going really well.  I'm still not smoking and I have been recommending you to heaps of people...I just can't believe how well it's working. You are amazing, thank you so much!! :)


Kate M - Brisbane QLD




I saw Deidre a couple of weeks ago after a friend recommended her to me. I was seeking assistance to break an unwanted, almost lifelong habit. It was so bad that most of the time I was unaware that I was doing it.

When I met with Deidre she explained that she was going to use Conversational Hypnotherapy which I hadn’t experienced before. I have to say, the entire experience was so much more than I expected. I physically felt the sensation of being in my chosen ‘safe place’.

So it’s been just over 2 weeks since I saw Deidre and I haven’t engaged in my chronic habit once. Two weeks doesn’t sound like a long time but I’ve gone from doing something almost non stop during waking hours to not at all – not once!

It’s just amazing and I wish I’d see her so much sooner.


TD - Brisbane QLD


I recommend hypnotherapy as it helped me for my anxiety more than meds and doctors, I found an amazing lady in Springfield Lakes called Deidre Evans her FB page is New DAE Life Consultancy.


AH - Brisbane QLD

I have had sub conscious healing work done before using several modes of therapy but not hypnosis.  I loved how my words, beliefs and thoughts were used to help release those negative behaviours that were no longer serving me. I literally felt a massive difference afterwards and for the following days.  The aim was to find a level of calmness through a stressful period in my life.  This calmness has remained with me for several weeks now and I'm loving it!  I genuinely believe that conversational hypnotherapy is a simple, relaxing way of helping us to release our fears and beliefs to be the best we can be. I'll be back for more!!


Mell Ballment, Brisbane QLD


I came to Deidre for help with a block that I knew was keeping me stuck in so many areas, more specifically in a business/financial sense.  I knew it was a very deep block, but didn't have any success in feeling like I was moving beyond it.  I'd heard about conversational hypnotherapy before, and knew that big changes could be made on an unconscious level, so felt this would be the next step in moving past this.

The session brought up things that were emotional, and somewhat unexpected, but left me feeling lighter.  The next few days saw me drop in energy levels and motivation, and after speaking with Deidre, I meditated on it, and let it bring whatever it needed to.  I was happy to say that over the next few days, I had a huge surge of productivity, and amazing results which followed, and I connected with people on a completely vulnerable and light level.  People saw me in a new light, and I had never felt so authentic and real. 

Doing this session with Deidre certainly opened up some new insights for me, for which I am grateful, and I can't wait to see how it translates into my areas of abundance. 


Andrea Dix

Melbourne Vic

Hi there Deidre I just wanted to say a huge thank you. I have not had a panic attack since Friday when we did the session and anxiety has significantly reduced too. Trains are much, much easier to deal with and my interview went amazingly!  I was a bit nervous but used it to my advantage, the anchor you did helped too. Thanks again I appreciate it more than I can convey into words!


EL - Brisbane Qld

I finally decided to step out of my comfort zone and experience life as a non smoker! I've been smoking for 25 years until my session 2 days ago with beautiful our session she took me on a journey deep within where I experienced so many epiphanies about myself and why I smoke...I travelled deeply in my session and experienced glimpses of my amazing new life...I absolutely loved the experience and what I personally got out of our session and walked out with no desire for a cigarette....about 4hrs later my first craving kicked in so I tackled this by sniffing my ashtray and almost vomited at the stench...The next morning was pretty hard not having that habitual morning cigarette and after a "human moment" I realised this was the craving and not who I choose to be...I snapped out of it and took myself back to my session in my minds eye...25 years is a long time habit to break)....At my normal smoke times of the day I am feeling so grateful for the deep cleansing breath I now feel in my lungs, I definitely feel the difference and even though I have had smokers around me I have committed to my desire of being healthy and have not had a cigarette ❤ If you are truly ready to quit this habit and break the cycle, please do book in with Deidre..I have also found the "my quit buddy" app a great tool to check in with throughout the journey of breaking the cycle xo Good luck fellow quitters, you too, can do this!

LG - Brisbane Qld


Thank you for all you have done for me, you have helped me tremendously, i feel so invigorated and in control again and so much more positive. So thank you again.


I urge anyone who is thinking about whether this works to read this and find the courage to give Hypnotherapy, and Deidre a shot, if you believe it works then it will. I will not lie and say that it was easy, but I will say that it was A LOT easier than I had imagined it would be. You need to be ready to quit, i have gone from a 30 pack of cigarettes a day to none with just one session. I have been a non smoker for 6 weeks now and i couldn't have done it without the help of Deidre!- it was the best decision i have ever made. Each week it gets easier and easier and there is nothing i miss about being a smoker!


JS - Brisbane Qld


I just can't believe that I've had no desire to smoke and neither can my friends after 36 years of being a smoker! My family are over the moon as I've now got more energy to do things with them. It's been seven months since our session and I just wanted to send you a huge THANK YOU!!! You're the best!!

KL - Jimboomba Qld

Deidre Evans from New DAE has monumentally changed my life. I have struggled for years with my weight, but particularly the last couple due to menopause. I use to eat chocolate every day, and would find myself struggling with my own thoughts and feeling terrible afterwards. A lady told me about Deidre and her testimony of not eating chocolate since 4 months ago when she saw Deidre.  I am absolutely over the moon that I haven't touched chocolate or anything sugary since seeing Deidre 2 weeks ago. Her personal approach and lovely way about things made my feel confident and comfortable. What is really wonderful is that I only had one session. I highly recommend Deidre and her wonderful approach to hypnotherapy  

Tracey H

Redlands Qld














Hi Deidre,
Since undertaking your conversational hypnosis for my passenger anxiety I have been able to drive with both my husband and my 18 year old daughter without any of my previously felt nervousness and anxiety. I have been able drive with them in the rain and at night and felt reasonably calm. I am happy with my response. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who needed to overcome any issue or problem they were facing in their daily lives. 


KF - Brisbane Qld

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Hi Deidre,

I just wanted to let you know that since our meeting the other week I have been feeling completely free of all the silly worrying thoughts and feeling of dread that was an ever present for me for so long. You really have changed my life and I can’t thank you enough. My wife and kids have noticed the change too and the house is a much happier place.

You are a miracle worker.

Thanks again.

SM Brisbane

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