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A Chat With Master Hypnotist Deidre Evans

We had the utmost privilege to interview and question one of Australia’s best Hypnotherapist : Deidre Evans

Our goal was to find out what a hypnotist can do with hypnosis and you HOW can you make a career treating clients as a hypnotherapist.

Interview below :

What is your background as a therapist ?

I have trained as an NLP Practitioner, NLP Coach and Hypnotherapist with the Tad James Co and while I do like NLP and some of the techniques are very successful, I found as time went by that I could achieve even more with my clients using Conversational Hypnosis.

What are your thoughts on what hypnosis is ?

To me hypnosis is a process that enables us to put the conscious mind to rest for a little while – long enough to do some work in our unconscious minds as that is where all the lasting change happens!

Your thoughts on how to develop a skill such as hypnosis ?

There are many methods out there but I would advise doing lots of research as many teach a lot of things you do not need as a therapist. For example – the history of hypnosis across the ages etc. That’s all nice to know but how much is that going to help the client sitting in your office who has smoked all their life and desperately wants to give up?

Your biggest block when using hypnosis ?

I think for me it is the temptation to keep talking when sometimes you just have to be silent and let the client process things on their own.

Your most successful intervention as a therapist?

The client I had that felt like he was spinning on the ceiling of my office and could see himself sitting in the chair from above – that was mind blowing! He gave up smoking too and can’t even look at a cigarette now – that’s a bonus!

Tips on where to start and what to look for in a training

Just do a lot of research and find a training that is not rigid and allows you freedom as a therapist. Avoid scripts if you can – I never use them anymore and my success rate has sky rocketed with my clients ever since!

Tips on how to master hypnosis and start to see clients

Start with some friends and see them for free or a small fee if you prefer to do it that way. Just say to them “can I show you something I have learnt?” Most friends and family will be happy to be your guinea pigs.

Personally I charged people straight away – starting off with just $50, I now charge $295 for a session.

I found it worked for me to start charging a small amount and slowly increase it as my confidence increased. That way friends and family did not expect something for nothing. Start as you mean to go on. You can get into the trap of seeing everyone for free or next to nothing and never work up the courage to charge what you are really worth.I know a few therapists who have fallen into that trap!

Consider this for a moment – If you are charging nothing or very little, what kind of signal is that giving to your unconscious mind about your self-worth? Something to think about isn’t it?

Deidre Evans is the owner of New DAE Life Consultancy. Her practice is based in Springfield Lakes and Ascot / Hamilton in Queensland. Deidre also conducts a mobile service to all areas of Brisbane extending to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast.To suit all locations (internationally) she also provides a variety of session types as well as evening and weekend appointments via Skype.

Deidre is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Coach and Master Hypnotherapist. She has worked in the Air Force for 15 years and within Defence as a whole for over 29 years and is now pursuing her love of hypnotherapy on a full time basis in her own business.

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